Niagara Falls Redevelopment (NFR) is a private development company owning more than 140 acres of prime real estate in the heart of downtown Niagara Falls, USA. With large, ready-to-build parcels just steps away from the Falls, NFR is offering a rare opportunity to participate in the rebirth of one of America’s most beloved tourist destinations.

Our Economic Development team has a very good working relationship with NFR and will continue to work with them as well as any potential new partners.
– Mayor Paul A. Dyster,
City of Niagara Falls, New York

We’ve long appreciated the steadfast support of Niagara Falls Redevelopment and its owner Howard Milstein. When it comes to health and wellness NFR has been a valuable partner.
– Joseph A. Ruffolo, President and CEO
Niagara Falls Medical Center

Since we can remember, Mr. Milstein and Niagara Falls Redevelopment has been most generous to the Niagara Falls community at large and the Niagara Falls men in blue…
– Michael Drake, President
Niagara Falls Police Club