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Proposed Design for Grand Hotel & Spa

Niagara Falls Redevelopment (NFR) is pleased to announce proposed development of the Niagara Falls Grand Hotel & Spa. Overlooking the Niagara Falls rapids and adjacent to a New York State park, the 16-story Niagara Falls Grand Hotel & Spa will be the premier destination in the Niagara Falls region for vacations, social events and meetings.

Among the amenities:

  • More than 450 rooms with balconies, most offering unparalleled views of Niagara Falls.
  • A 2,000 square feet cafĂ© overlooking an outdoor garden with views of the Falls.
  • Nearly 8,000 square feet of retail shops for Niagara Falls residents and visitors.
  • Full health and wellness amenities, including a fitness center, Nautilus and weight room, yoga studio, sauna, pool, hot tubs, rock climbing, cycling, day spa, hair salon, and more!
  • An open-air courtyard and sun deck, with skybridge.
  • Large meeting and conference rooms to accommodate social and business gatherings of any kind.
  • 472 parking spots for hotel visitors and guests.

Look for more information on this exciting new project in the weeks and months to come!

Click here for more site information on the proposed Grand Hotel and Spa

For more information please call or Email Roger Trevino at 716.282.0001.

Grand Hotel and Spa Rendering A

Grand Hotel and Spa Rendering C

Grand Hotel and Spa Rendering B